Inner Peace Tip #20

As I am working on this “tips campaign”, it is getting clearer to me that what I’ve learnt and what I teach is basically the “de-collapsing” of thoughts.

Once you understand that a thought can generate other thoughts at an alarmingly quick rate and, that because of that speed, we can only see ( and focus on) the thought at the surface; you can actually halt the thinking process.

Let me attempt to explain what I am referring to:

  • You get thought “A”
  • This thought instantaneously generates thought “B-C-D-G-H & M”
  • It happens so quickly that you only see thought “M”.
  • And, thought “M” generates a series of actions.

But maybe, just maybe, if you slowed down the process, you could actually see thought “A”.  And thought “A” may generate a whole different series of actions or, no actions at all.

Here is an actual example that I noticed just the other day:

  • Thought A: I want to eat every 2-3 hours
  • Thought B: I need snacks for the week
  • Thought C: Chips are a snack
  • Thought D: You said you wouldn’t eat chips anymore
  • Thought H: See! You’ll never eat healthy!
  • Thought M: Screw that!  I’m getting chips!

And so, when I was unaware of the process, the inevitable actions put some chips in my cart.

That day however, I focussed my attention on the process of thought instead on the content of the thoughts and directed my cart to the produce isle to buy a cucumber and carrots.

“It’s very cool to be able to do that.”

I understand this concept is not easy to grasp right away.  Especially since human beings are creatures of habits and habits are so integrated in us that they are invisible to us.

So what you could do is remind yourself of things like: It’s not because you think you should, that you should.

It’s simple and puts your attention on the process of thought instead of the thought itself.

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